You don't have the problem of uncomfortable sitting . . . it supports you.
Dale G., Elderly Cushion User

. . . prevented 'break down' on our most difficult resident . . .
Kristin O., Nursing Home Rehab Specialist

I began introducing the EquaGel® technology to nursing homes in 2009 as a cushion for extended comfort . . . several nurses and medical directors reported high success rates in the healing of existing ulcers.
Dave P., Distributor
Warranty Information
Under small areas of pressure, such as the tailbone, the soft walls of EquaGel® will buckle and pass the weight to surrounding walls. Thus small areas of pressure (those at greatest risk of pressure sores) are allowed to buckle into the gel for a soft and comfortable feeling.
As a user's weight is spread by the buckling of individual walls, the full weight of the user is displaced evenly across the full contact area of the gel. Thus the broad areas of the user, such as the thighs, are supported up in good alignment by sufficient gel wall contact.